Gormiti II

Gormiti (II)

By Frederic C Schwaneberg, Roger Córdoba Schwaneberg

Written by Frederic C Schwaneberg, Roger Córdoba Schwaneberg, Romain Van Liemt, Guillem Dols, Nick Chapman, Dominique Latil

Produced by Kotoc

Sales Agent Planeta Junior

Unbeknown to our heroes, the evil Lord Voidus was not defeated. He managed to infect the Elestar with a splinter of darkness, remaining in direct contact with Gorm. Using the infected shard, he is able to steal powerful Meka energy to enhance his four Darkans, transforming them into Omega Darkans and making them almost invincible. All seems to be lost for the people of Gorm, when the appearance of Electryon, the mysterious Lord of the Meka tribe, restores the Heralds' hopes. Electryon gives them Ultra Bracers that have the power to turn their Gormiti into powerful Ultra Gormiti. The final battle for the future of Gorm has begun!


  • Animation
  • 26x11 '
  • 6 to 9 years
  • Dolby Stereo
  • Colour
  • 3D Digital
  • English