By Patricia Ordaz Cruz

Written by Patricia Ordaz Cruz

Cast Agustí Porta, Francesc Buscallá, Josep Grau, Jordi Grau

Produced by Inicia Films
Bohio Produccions

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Toloriu is a tiny village, nestled in the Catalan Pyrenees that is almost uninhabited, where almost no one lives anymore. I came to this place looking for a story I heard, some story that I felt it belonged to me: five hundred years ago Joan de Grau, Baron de Toloriu, went to conquer distant lands and on his return he brought Xipahuatzin, an Aztec princess.

As I was trying to find the traces of this legend I was also discovering the whole imagery of this village and its people: their music, their summers, their fear of disappearing…. Do we exist beyond the stories we tell?



  • Documentary
  • 60 '
  • Digital 5.1
  • Colour
  • 2D Digital
  • Catalan, Spanish