By Enric Álvarez, Santi Baró

Written by Enric Álvarez, Alicia Álvarez, Quique Ramos

Cast Rosalía, C Tangana, Daniel Madjody, La Zowie, El Coleta, Ms Nina, Bejo, Yung Beef, Alizzz, $kyhook, María José Llergo, Morad, La Tiguerita, Goa, Somadamantina, Papi Trujillo, Pedro Ladroga, Soto Asa, Afrojuice 195, Alba Rupérez, Trapani, Mark Luva , La Flaca

Produced by Goroka

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The last ten years of the music scene have seen artists come up and grow, using DIY as their unifying flag. They've moved effortlessly between underground and mainstream without compromising their values.

Mixtape, a programme created by Goroka for the digital content platform Playz on RTVE, analyses the phenomenon of urban music in Spain and is told in the first person by its protagonists. In each of the seven weekly episodes of Mixtape, four artists speak about their own experiences. Rosalía, C. Tangana, Daniel Madjody, La Zowi, Yung Beef, Trapani, Alba Rupérez, La Tiguerita, Goa and María José Llergo are some of the voices who appear on the Playz programme, and who paint a picture of their own unique culture, one impossible to pigeon-hole into hashtags.


  • Experimental
  • 7x23 '
  • +16
  • Dolby Stereo
  • Colour
  • HD