Salka in No Man’s Land

Salka a la terra de ningú

By Xavi Herrero Fontanet

Written by Xavi Herrero Fontanet

Produced by Cosersinhilo Producciones

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Salka is a young Mauritanian who lives in the Zuárate region, in the north of the country, who does not accept her future in Mauritania.
With the help of her mother and a contact in Nouabhidou, she decides to leave the country and take the Sahara train disguised as a boy.
The SNIM train, known as the desert or Sahara train, becomes the main thread of the film. This train is the longest in the world, it can reach 3.5 km and takes us from the north of Mauritania, stopping at Zuárate, to the Atlantic coast. in the bay of Nouadhibou, where large merchant ships wait to ship their merchandise to Europe or China.
Its 700 km route borders the so-called “No man's Land”. The troubled border between Mauritania and Western Sahara, with Morocco constantly invading the area, becomes the setting for the feature film.




  • Documentary
  • 67 '
  • General Audiences
  • Digital 5.1
  • Colour
  • 2 K 4 K HDCAM
  • French, Arabic, Spanish