By Salvador Calvo

Written by Alejandro Hernández

Cast Luís Tosar, Anna Castillo, Patrick Criado, Fernando Cayo

Produced by Ikiru Films
Telecinco Cinema
La Terraza Films
Un Mundo Prohibido AIE

Sales Agent Paramount Pictures



In a desperate attempt to reach Europe, a six-year-old boy and his older sister wait near the runway of Cameroon Airport to sneak into the holds of an airplane. Not too far away, a dead elephant lies fangless in front of an environmental activist, who looks at the corpse in desperation. Fighting illegal hunting and taking care of his spoiled teenage daughter are not easy tasks. Further away, thousand kilometers North, in Melilla, a Spanish Immigration and Customs Police officer prepares to face a furious crowd of sub-Saharan immigrants who are about to assault the barbed wired border fence. They don't know yet, but their stories are meant to cross, their destinies will dramatically shift and their lives will no longer be the same.


  • Drama
  • 120 '
  • +7
  • Digital 5.1
  • Colour
  • 4 K
  • Spanish, French, English