Daucus Carota

By Carla Linares

Written by Carla Linares

Cast Mariona Perrier, Yasmina Drissi, Eva María Rodríguez Granados, Ani Méndez, Felisa Bertolín Linares , María del Camino Hernández Martínez, La tita Mari, Silvia Albert Sopale

Produced by Nanouk Films

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Its summer when Irene realises for the first time that there is much more beyond the routine she and her sisters keep doing over and over. Irene, following nature's signs, starts a journey of reconnection with herself, her body and sex which ends up with the sublimation of her faith.



  • Drama
  • 14 '
  • +13
  • Other
  • Colour
  • 2D Digital
  • No dialogue