Quiéreme siempre

By Núria Gago

Written by Núria Gago, in collaboration with Enric Pardo

Cast Nuria Gago

Produced by Sábado Películas
Xoubiña Films
Mapa de Canciones AIE

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Lu is facing a breakup in Paris and has to return, reluctantly, to his hometown, Barcelona, although the cold and tense relationship with her mother discourages returning to the family home. When she lands, her mother takes her without any previous warning to the house of an octogenarian widow, Marina, who needs someone to take care of her, since her caretaker has decided to return to Puerto Rico with her family.

 Lu hates her name-Lourdes- is thirty-four years old and has studied Nursing only because was the choice of her best friend. She's going through her fourth breakup, has no stable job, no house of her own, no partner, and none of the things you assume she should have gotten by her age. Being a stranger in her city after two years of absence and, to be honest, she doesn't know how to continue with a life that isn't going as expected, although she hasn't stopped to wonder what she really wants. Looking inwards is sometimes too scary. She feels lost, because she has achieved nothing of what was expected of her. It doesn't fit anywhere.

 Marina brings the mourning of her Antonio, who died two years ago, and while she struggles with the betrayals of a body that is almost 90 years old, she lives devoted to the cure of her sister María, who is afflicted with a very advanced Alzheimer's disease and whom she visits three times a week.

The forced coexistence of two women of two different generations, who try to stay afloat while internally they feel shipwrecked, will forever change the future of both.

The slow walks with the old lady, the talks and silences, the shared moments and the daily world of Marina -with her singular gallery of characters-, in which Lu enters first out of obligation and then out of friendship -and love-, will transform this summer of mourning into one of progressive metamorphosis. In Marina's footsteps, the two walk together and are strengthened by living together: stronger, more independent, braver, happier.




  • Drama
  • 90 '
  • Other
  • Colour
  • HD
  • Spanish