Bany Compartit

Bany compartit

By Carol Rodríguez Colás, Aurea Martínez

Written by Natàlia Cerezo, Carla Nigra, Francesc Orteu, Marina Rodríguez Colás, Carol Rodríguez Colás

Cast Sofía Coll, Núria Montes, Laura Porta, Paula del Rio

Produced by Visiona TV

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Bany Compartit is a comedy series based on emotions, friendship and the magic that we must always know how to find in everyday life. It is, therefore, humour that appeals to good feelings, although to reach them the protagonists must often face the part of themselves that they like the least. Our humour will always have vitalistic inspiration, with a hint of madness and surrealism, always appealing ultimately to the happiness of being alive and contemplating life as something unique that, despite everything, is always worth sharing. That positive and experiential inspiration is the soul of the series. The situations that will be created in that shared bathroom always start from real, everyday feelings, to quickly drift towards extreme situations that, in one way or another, transform that space: the bathroom. It is humour based on dialogue, on the charisma of young actresses but strongly supported by visual aspects and surprising images. The fifth character will always end up being the space itself. The plots will propose situations that, based on everyday events, will quickly become extreme and delusional. It is about creating passionate, open, intergenerational and powerful visual humour.



  • Comedy
  • 13x25 '
  • Teenagers
  • Dolby Digital
  • Colour
  • 2 K
  • Catalan