The credit

El crèdit

By Joan Riedweg, Abel Folk

Written by Jordi Galcerán, Ramon Paso

Cast Pere Ponce, Carlos Hipólito, Jordi Bosch

Produced by Focus Audiovisual
Televisión Española - TVE

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If we dedicate ourselves to lubricating gears or translating instruction manuals, we may never meet the people whom our work affects intimately. Now, if we relate directly to individuals of flesh and blood there are trances difficult to avoid. For doctors, shopkeepers, municipal police or any other profession in which contact is inevitable, problems can appear at any time. And if you are a bank branch manager, even worse. If you are a branch manager, today, things can get complicated in an alarming way. And so far, in our civilized world, when someone needed money he went to the bank and asked for a loan. Most of the time you gave it to him, but if it wasn't, they would shut up and come back home, crestfallen, conformed, thinking that things were going very badly, that the credit did not flow, and left you alone. You can't trust yourself today. Today, perhaps, when you deny them the credit they will not go home with the tail between their legs. Today maybe they will stand in front of you and looking into your eyes , they will put the cards on the table and tell you that it is they who have the pan by the handle, that if you do not give them the money they will take measures, measures of great power. Nothing violent, no, we could get there, but today, if you do not release the money, who knows if the threat will be true and will carry out that action that can turn your life into a real catastrophe.



  • Comedy
  • 80 '
  • Dolby Stereo
  • Colour
  • HD
  • Catalan, Spanish