Love is Forever (VIII)

Estimar és per sempre (VIII)

By Eduardo Casanova

Written by Borja González Santaolalla, Diana Rojo, Mercedes Cruz, Aitor Santos, Ángel Turlán, Macu Tejera, Julia Altares, Covadonga Espeso, Ángel Agudo

Cast Manuel Baqueiro, Itziar Miranda, José Antonio Sayagués, Beatriz Argüello, Lucia Jiménez, José Manuel Seda, Adriana Torrebajano, Llorenç González, Adrià Collado, David Janer, Luz Valdenebro

Produced by Diagonal Televisió
Atresmedia Televisión

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Season 8 begins with the arrival of a new family to the Plaza de los Frutos: the OrdoƱez, well-known archenemies of the De la Vega family. New characters that will epitomise the transition Spain is undergoing at that time, astride the end of 1976 and the beginning of 1977. It is a tumultuous time in which the newly restored monarchy makes its debut while the country continues its struggle to communicate a need for freedom of thought, both political and social. It is the beginning of modern Spain.




  • Series
  • 253x50 '
  • General Audiences
  • Dolby Stereo
  • Colour
  • HD
  • Spanish