By Laszlo Umbría

Written by Laszlo Umbría

Cast Irena Visa, Martina Borràs

Produced by Natxo Medina

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The distant future. After the Great Wars, Europe's population was decimated and now only the survival of the tribe matters. Because of this, and for six years now, Tut has been watching every day from the top of the summit. For the last three days, she has also been waiting for his little sister Nix, who left his position without permission, attracted by an intuition. Tut will soon have to make a decision she does not want to take and, perhaps, confront the ghosts that have always been awaiting her beyond the mountains.





  • Science Fiction
  • 16 '
  • +12
  • Other
  • Colour
  • 4 K
  • Catalan