Què faig avui per sopar?

By Fede Serramalera, Aïda Torrent

Written by Fede Serramalera

Cast Ada Parellada

Produced by Camille Zonca

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What shall I do for dinner today? A question we ask ourselves almost every day. We don't have time to take care of what we eat or to keep from wasting food. In this TV programme, Ada Parellada, a Catalan cook who is known for being the director of the restaurant Semproniana in Barcelona, and for her presence in the media for the promotion of good eating habits, will visit different families to teach us how to prepare “Basic fridge food”: basic recipes you can use as the basis for a wide variety of dishes so that you'll want to have dinner at home every day, without wasting food and cooking in a sustainable way.  A programme by Betevé with Grup Ametller Origen.



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